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March Maintenance Tips

System - Monday, March 13, 2017

Dear Valued Residents:


  •  With the first of March just a few days ago, if you have not yet done so please change out your a/c filters.  It will make a big difference to your unit, especially as we seem to be going from a/c one day to heat the next.
  • Don't forget Daylight Savings time is Sunday March 12th - (spring forward) clocks go forward an hour.


As we are moving into Spring and thoughts are turning to spring cleaning - I thought I would send you a few tips about reducing, re-using and recycling household items - see article below.


Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before you buy:

  • Do I, or the other person I am buying this for, really need this?
  • Is there another product which would do the same thing but more sustainably?
  • Will this last a long time?
  • Do I know how this was made and how it will be used and how it is disposed of?
  • Where was this made and under what circumstances?
  • Are the materials used to make this renewable and have they been harvested in a sustainable manner?

When we buy, we should buy items that are durable, we should maintain them, and have them repaired when necessary. If we practice this, many things cannot only last a lifetime, but can be passed along from generation to generation. If something is truly unusable for its original purpose, try to be creative and think of how else it might be used. When you are done with it, think of whether someone else will be able to use it as well.

Rather than throwing an item out when neither you nor anyone else can make use of it, have it recycled. And while recycling is not perfect - it requires energy and the process of changing something to something else often produces byproducts - it is better than sending goods to the landfill or have them incinerated. Find out what types of materials can be recycled in your area.


Wishing you all a great St. Patrick's Day on Friday March 17th.   


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