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Maintenance Tips April 2017

System - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 2017 Maintenance Tips:

Air Filters: Now is a great time to change out your a/c filter- it will do wonders for allergy sufferers and a/c systems alike. Give them both some fresh air by putting in a new a/c filter!!!

Air Conditioning: While temperatures have begun to heat up- but before we are in the full swing of Summer temperatures- now is a great time to clean out your a/c drain line. If you can easily access it from a hallway closet- you can pour some clear household vinegar down the while plastic pipe- which is the primary drain line. It keeps the main drain line clean and free of lint build up, and saves on sending a plumber out during the got Summer months to blow the line out at cost. If your drain line is in the attic or difficult to access- let us know and we will advise.

NOTE: this is not something to do when the system is running. Please ensure it is OFF, so that the vinegar has the chance to completely drain out of the line. If the system id ON- the vinegar smell will go through the home for a while. If you do it while the system is OFF- you should not experience any vinegar smell. Your might also try a product call PRO TABS. We have heard good things about them and apparently they work way better than household vinegar- give them a go and let us know!

Yards: If you have not had the opportunity of applying a weed & feed to your lawns, now is a great time to do so. They usually come in a time release type formula. so applying now will hopefully produce wonderful weed free lawns in about 6-8 weeks time. Give it a go and see the difference. For those of you in HOA subdivisions, this is a must to prevent those "friendly" letters from coming in the mail about "weeds"....

Contact us: Please know that we value all our Residents and do appreciate hearing from you. If you have any suggestions for improving the tenant portal, or topics that you would like to hear about or recommendations for the properties that you reside in, suggestions or concerns directly to owners.

Wishing you all fun filled "FIESTA" events.

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