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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the Owners’ Reserve?

    A: Per our management agreement $300.00 is held in reserve so that in the event funds have just been sent to you or the property is between tenants and is vacant, and we need to pay for repairs, funds are available to do so. This is always your money and in the event property management services are no longer required is returned to you.
  • Q: When do I get my check?

    A: By e check electronic deposit directly into an account of your choice on the 10th of each month, or the next business day if the 10th falls on a Sunday or holiday Monday.
  • Q: Why could my second rent check be less than the first?

    A: If the tenant moves in half-way through the month, the tenant placement fee is deducted from the first full months’ rent (which would be the 2nd month of renting), rather than deducting from the first months’ pro-rated rent.
  • Q: Why do I need to change my home owners‘ insurance?

    A: Your home owners’ insurance policy should be changed to a fire & extended coverage policy when you vacate the property.  It is important that you inform your insurance company that the property will be tenant occupied.  If you fail to change the policy and a claim is made, the insurance company can deny the claim if you fail to disclose this to them.  Items that you can add to your policy are called "riders".  Your insurance agent/broker will be able to recommend which riders and coverage is best for your situation and property, the following give you an idea of what is available:

    Water coverage
    (i.e. a burst pipe when the property is vacant can result in excessive damage - with a water rider you will pay a much smaller deductible in the event you need to make a claim). 

    Glass coverage
    (With the amount of hail we recently experienced in San Antonio it may be worthwhile having glass coverage, although small windows may be cheaper to replace than the cost of your deductible.)

    Loss of Rent
    (if the home has some kind of damage that necessitates the tenant vacating while repairs are being made, typically you will not be receiving rent while this is happening - depending upon cost, this may be worthwhile adding to your policy)

    Many property owners also consider taking an umbrella policy for additional coverage.  Be sure to check with your insurance agent/broker to ensure you take advantage of all their recommendations.

  • Q: Why does the Brokerage hold the tenant’s security deposit?

    A: The security deposit is not income. The Brokerage holds the money in trust in an escrow account and it is only released after the move-out inspection and any repairs resultant from that have been taken care of.
  • Q: Why should I leave the utilities on?

    A: This helps when showing your property to prospective tenants during times of the day that provide little sunlight and in rooms with no natural light such as bathrooms. Also cleaning crews and vendors need utilities on to prepare your property for new tenant move-in.
  • Q: Why won’t my house rent?

    A: There are many reasons for a home to sit vacant.  The four main reasons are:
    1. Overpriced.
    2. Does not show well, i.e. cleanliness, curb appeal (including neighboring properties).
    3. Lack of amenities, i.e. window treatments, landscaping, built- in appliances, ceiling fans, garage door openers etc.
    4. Location.
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